An Opportunity for Staff Development

I had an opportunity this past week to share some of my thinking with the faculty during a Monday afternoon meeting. I had been working on a presentation since I first returned from NECC 2007. I updated it to include the ISTE standards for students and teachers and some of the conversations we have been having as a district technology team about our next Technology Plan 2009-2012.

The timing of the session coincided with the publication of the Literacy 2.0 edition of Educational Leadership. We started the meeting by reading the Perspectives introduction to the article. I asked the faculty to use the prompts of, “What are you noting as you read?” and “What do you want to read more of?” I chose this as the group reading because it mentions bits of several of the articles in the issue and it also makes the point that our students need the literacies of reading and writing more than ever in our world of expanding literacies. After the reading I asked the faculty to turn and talk to each other.

We followed this introduction with a slideshow I had prepared with several breaks for more conversation. Listening to the conversations I heard many questions and explanations about various explorations teachers are doing with their studensts. In all I was pleased that the information I was sharing seemed to be welcomed and there were many teachers who were excited to talk about the topic.

The presentation I used is posted on

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