Reflection on Karen Richardson’s “Crossing the Copyright Boundary in the Digital Age”

I chose this session because I wanted to review current copyright and fair use guidelines and learn more about Common Commons so that I can offer that information to teachers and students. I had heard about Creative Commons and had seen the licensing they offer used by others, but the materials provided in Karen’s wiki filled in some gaps in my knowledge and added to the set of sites that I can use that encourage collaborative use of original materials that are in the public domain or available under various licensing structures.

As more of my elementary students want to add audio effects and photos to their research reports I will need to develop a web page for our student resources links that compiles these sites for them. When our younger students copy or insert a photograph from the Internet it seems that they are within the current Fair Use guideline: “Images may be downloaded for student projects and teacher lessons.”

By 4th grade I ask students to place the Internet address of the photo or sound clip they are using with the picture or in a Credits page at the end of a project. We talk about copyright and I think they would enjoy adding their original work to Creative Commons as Karen mentions. Some classes have setup flickr accounts and I have worked with some teachers to show them how to access the millions of photos that are shared under Creative Commons licensing on flickr.

This session is a great resource for questions about current copyright issues and site for open access or clearly licensed posted materials online.

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