Reflection on Drew Murphy’s “Step by Step – Building a Web 2.0 Classroom”

This presentation offers a set of essential skills needed to build an online experience in teaching and a view into what will be in the future. Drew reports that he is getting positive feedback and finding it more enriching than other teaching experiences now that he is using interactive materials online in his classes. As we in Yarmouth try to move from static web pages of information about courses I am intrigued by the much richer site that Drew is able to develop and the interactions with students that are integral to the site. He views his course page as a community that invites opinions and debates, with an assumption that he will give feedback and students will give feedback to each other. Students learn to use the development tools and they contribute video tutorials, etc. As I have found at our high school, Drew mentions that there are big gaps between what some students know and can do and others.

The critical elements of web 2.0 that Drew thinks are reasons teachers should use web 2.0 include saving teachers time and the capacity to create relevant, effective lessons. Getting a critical mass of teachers to see these two in reality would help move more teachers toward using web 2.0.

Some of the 10 skills Drew suggests we need are organized around exploring & participating, deconstructing & reconstructing, and connecting and creating. Within these three overall areas he creates a progression that could be used to work with teachers and students. Using this progression would help those who have gaps or feel they are novices at the use of web 2.0.

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