Reflection on John Pearce’s “Me blog? No way!!!”

I chose this session because I am still early in the process of engaging teachers in blogging, for themselves or with their classes and I need more rationales and reasons to support my efforts. The safety issues movie presents some of what I know teachers feel about avoiding the responsibility of providing students with blogs. John’s point of view about our role in guiding young students to safe practices with supervised experiences in the early grades is similar to mine. The presentation does a good job of bringing to the surface the reluctant stances that teachers may not be willing to articulate, but I know are there. Having each movie address a separate topic makes them short bits that could be used at a faculty meeting or team meeting for discussion as a few pioneers help others move to adding classroom blogs to their writing activities.

The interactive aspect of a blog is the powerful motivator for students, but it seems to be the thing that teachers fear the most. As new teachers have joined our faculty they tend to be younger and more used to technology. I have encouraged them to start a blog as a way to create a classroom web presence and move away from our practice of creating web pages that have content describing the classroom. Although teachers regularly receive email from parents there is an adjustment for them to open up a blog to public comments. For now, some teachers have started blogs, but have not opened them up to comments. Hopefully we can move to opening up that conversation.

In addition to blogs, John also mentions wikis and one of the ideas I hope to pursue this year is for teaches to participate in developing wikis for shared team materials. and resources.

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