Reflection on “Building a Yardstick for PD Success…”

I selected this session based on the title and my knowledge of Sharon Peters from the WOW2.0 webcasts. While I agreed with many of the initial points of this session, when Sharon talks about teachers being expected to demonstrate growth in their own profession I was really struck by how that isn’t the assumption for all in the teaching profession. In my technology integration role I too often feel that teachers see me as representing change at a rate they don’t want and perhaps an area where they feel a lack of competence that is threatening. Job security for me perhaps, but not the pervasive attitude toward lifelong learning that I would want.

I was also intrigued by the conversation about helping teachers to measure key indicators that lead to success for students. Some of Vince’s indicators (like “personal satisfaction”) can be hard to measure, but need to be able to analyzed by some form or numerical review. One thing we are doing that has led to change in this direction is the focus on action research by teachers in our professional development process. Using student work, over the course of the year teachers select a change they would like to make in their practice and then identify what student success might look like based on that change. Working in concert with others teachers review this research a few times during the year and submit their work as part of a 3 year portfolio. The conversations are one of the most powerful parts of the process in my experience. The capacity to self-reflect and consider change, and even more, the professional satisfaction of seeing increased success in our students are vital energizers in what can be a long and rewarding career in education.

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