K-12 Online Conference Reflection on Clarence Fisher’s Classroom 2.0 Keynote

As I was listening to Clarence Fisher’s Classroom 2.0 Keynote one thing that really struck me was the way he set up his classroom right away at the beginning of the year. Since it is now mid-August the new school year is almost upon us and I am crafting the way to start instruction for 2nd, 3rd & 4th graders as they travel to the lab and use laptops in their classrooms. If as Clarence says it’s about the relationships that connect students to information and to other learners, how should I start? He starts Day 1 with setting up blogs. For him, that is for each student in his class, for me that would be fifteen classes in the building, or five classes at some of the grade levels. Should this be the year that I ask all teachers to enroll in classroom blogmeister and take on the challenge of creating student blogs for all? To-date I have a few hardy volunteers who have done this, are we ready to move to all classes? What is the most powerful thing I can introduce to teachers and classes this fall that will help us move to Alan November’s idea of a classroom as “a global communication system”? We have learned to use some of the tools to share student work online (blogs, wikis, voicethreads); now we need to move to what will really make us Classroom 2.0 and not just writers in an electronic format by interacting and collaborating beyond the classroom. If we can do that then it will be true as Clarence says that geography doesn’t matter and our students have a connected network of communication.

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